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Information for Indian Expeditions

This section contains the Guidelines for planning and conduct of expeditions, financial assistance addmissible from IMF, Formats for Application for Expedition and the Expedition Report


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1.         Qualifications for Leader:   Advance Mountaineering Course with ‘A’ Grade from a Govt. Institute. Should have participated in at least two expeditions to peaks above 6,000m and should have summited at least one peak above 6,000 m. Should be above 30 yr of age. (attested copies of certificates to be attached)

2.         Qualifications & Composition of Team.  The team should have adequate number of members qualified on Advance/S&R/MoI courses with experience of expeditions. Some members with only Basic Course qualification and upto two members with high altitude trekking, rock climbing and related experience, may be included. The team finally selected should be capable of dealing with all possible contingencies without jeopardizing the overall safety. Though the size of the team would be dictated by the altitude of peak, degree of difficulty of climb, accessibility etc, the financial assistance from the IMF would be granted only for 07 members at full rates and half rate for next 05 members.

3.         Duration of Expedition.    Peaks bookings are valid for 15 days from Base Camp to Base Camp. Booking for longer duration of 03/04 week would be granted on the merits of case (first ascents, new route, height and degree of difficulty) on specific request.

4.         Insurance.   All team members are to be duly insured (minimum Rs 2.50 lakh for non-earning and Rs 3.0 lakh for earning members) against accident. Additional clause for altitude and exposure related physiological conditions (Frost Bite, Hypothermia, HAPE, HACE etc) should preferably be included in the scope of insurance or covered through a separate ‘Mediclaim’ policy. All porters must be insured for atleast Rs.1.0 lakh.

5.         Helicopter Rescue.  IMF would activate Helicopter Rescue only for those expeditions where an advance of  Rs.2.5 lakh has been deposited with IMF. Materialisation of helicopter rescue will be subject to availability of air effort and suitability of weather, as assessed by Indian Air Force.

6.         Medical.         The team leader should obtain a medical fitness certificate for undertaking the expedition from each member. The team should preferably include a doctor or paramedic. The team should carry all appropriate medical equipment and stores in adequate quantity to cater for all mountaineering related contingencies. The leader should ensure adequate training of members on mountain medicine aspects.

7.         Weather.    The leader is advised to arrange for obtaining weather bulletins through Met Dept and All India Radio.

8.         Communication Equipment.    The team is advised to be equipped with suitable communication equipment.

9.         Waste Disposal.  Leave the camp-sites and trails cleaner than you found it. Bio-degradable waste is to be suitably disposed only below the snow line. Non-bio degradable waste is to be disposed only at or below the road head (in conformity to local rules). Photo evidence is to be included in the expedition report. Discovery of non-compliance would invite suitable punitive action.

10.   `  Equipment Hiring.    Equipment would be available for hire against security deposit and would be subject to availability.

11.       Boarding/Lodging at IMF.  Dormitory accommodation for 30 persons is available at IMF. Booking is done on first come first served basis.

12.       Working hours at IMF.       1000 h to 1700 h from Monday to Saturday except - Gazetted Holiday and Second Saturday.
13.       Booking of peaks would be done on first come first served basis. A delay in submission of application and documents could result in cancellation of the provisional booking  of the above peak.



            The expedition leader should summit the report in one copy. One soft copy (on CD) of the report should be submitted to facilitate achieving of records, preparation of articles for Journal and availability as reference to future subsequent expeditions. The information to be included in the report is enumerated below.


1.         Name of the Clubs/Association.

2.         Name of the expedition

3.         Name of the Peak with height in metres and six figure co-ordinates.

4.         Nominal roll of team.

5.         Liaison with local administration and other agencies (name, designation, address, phone no, e-mail ID). Assistance received or hurdles faced if any.

6.         Approach March (Road head to Base camp). Dates, co-ordinates and altitude of enroute camps. Any significant information passes negotiated, river crossings etc. Attach route marked on map.

7.         Route opening and setting up of higher camps. Dates, description of features encountered, technical/climbing difficulty involved, techniques and equipment utilised to negotiate, Snow and rock condition, location of camps with six digit co-ordinates and altitude. Attach suitably marked maps/sketches.

8.         Detailed report on Summit Climb/attempts with list of summiteers/ highest altitude achieved with date. A detailed description of entire climb including features encountered, technical/climbing difficulty involved, techniques and equipment utilised to negotiate, snow, ice and rock condition.

9.         Weather summary.

10.       Waste and garbage disposal report including spotting of garbage left behind by earlier expeditions with leads if possible.

11.       Expenditure details with category wise breakdown (equipment, food, portage, medical etc). Attach  Chartered Accountant’s audited statement of accounts.

12.       Suggestions.

13.       Photo Evidence.     All photos should be with date & time electronic impression. Shoot wide angle formats for official requirements. The following photos should be submitted: -

            (a)       One group photograph of only team members at Base Camp.

(b)       A few appropriate photographs from base camp onwards till highest/ summit camp.

(c)        Sufficient number of photos to depict progress from summit camp to summit.

(d)       Most of the summit photos should be shot in wide angle view with sufficient coverage below the horizon to depict background features. (Just the potraits of members, sky, clouds and the snow ridge on which standing make up for poor evidence to substantiate any summit claim). The Summit photos  must include the following:-

(i)         All around view from summit.
                        (ii)        Prominent peaks around the summit.
(iii)       The photographs of the last camp and route (suitably marked on print) from the summit, where feasible.
(iv)       Photographs of glaciers/any other important features from the summit.

(e)       Photographs of camp cleaning operation and garbage disposal.

14.       The report should be appended by the Leader’s signature with date.





  1.      Name of the peak & altitude

            Alternate peak & altitude

2.         Route chart (Attach  Map/Sketch )

3.         Itinerary          Road Head IN
Base Camp IN
Base Camp OUT
Road Head OUT

4.         Members Particulars                                                                       (Appendix – A)

5.         Approximate Budget

6.         Source of funds (other than IMF)

7.         Weather forecast on AIR                                                                Yes/No
required during the expedition.

8.         Agency hired for Portage & Administrative support

9.         Doctor/Paramedic in Team                                                       Yes/No

10.       Appropriate medical stores & supplies                                         Yes/No

11.       List of equipment required on hire from                                      (Attach list)

12.      Carrying Inter camp communication equpt.                              Yes/No

13.       Carrying Avalanche Beacons                                                       Yes/No

14.       Financial assistance required                                                         Yes/No

15.       Any other information




I undertake:-

  1. That I have read and understood the IMF Guidelines for the conduct of the expedition and the same have been made known to each member of the expedition. I, in the capacity of the Expedition Leader, would ensure that the members of the expedition, individually and as a team would abide by the said guidelines.


(ii)        I hereby declare that each member is undertaking this activity voluntarily and at at his/her own risk. IMF would not be held responsible on any account, what so ever, either by the organizers or the participants, who in turn would bear the entire responsibility towards any representation by a third party, in respect of the said expedition.



(Signature of leader)

Name in Full





PARTICULARS OF TEAM MEMBERS                                                   






(certificate should be attached)

Climbing Experience (last 5 yr)

Highest Altitude

E-mail &
Ph No